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Student ID Cards Maker Software Screenshots

Student ID Card Maker Start with new project

Select any one option either 'Start with new project' or Select existing Project. Here, "Start with new Project" option is selected. Now, enter Project Name, Project path and browse the path of excel file by clicking on 'Import Excel' button. click on 'Next' button to continue.

Student ID Cards Select Template Category

Select any pre-defined template as per your choice for your ID Card. Go to Next.

Student ID Card Maker Select Excel Fill

Here, you have to select 'Excel Column' for their respective ID card fields. Now Click 'OK' button.

Student ID Card Front Side View

Here, You can see your designed ID Card. In the Left panel, when you click on saved ID card name then you can see all the details of particular ID card.

Student ID Card Print Preview

To print your designed ID card, First go to 'Print' option in software Tool Bar. Fill all the printing details as per your requirements then click on Print Button.